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Je l'es trouvé tout simplement magnifique dans les deux premiers épisodes de Gloomy Salad Days ♥Son regard est captivant et magnifique *-*Hum ...

They were trying to go incognito by wearing sunglasses and all black at the luggage carousel waiting for their bags.TD omg legit like I was literally listening to one of her old song ai mei a few minutes ago then I went to onehallyu and see a article on her. Therefore, media link her, Ariel Lin and etc with their co-workers every year cuz they starred in different dramas 80-90% those dating rumours are FAKE, unless they actually caught holding hand, and confirmed by parties in this case.Rainie has total 3 (and now 4) confirmed relationship for the past years.After Wallace Huo and Hu Ge’s 5-year promise sprouted a new romance in the former’s life, I’m not surprised Promises of Wedding Bells is playing out in more ways than one. As mentioned before, Gui Gui is a member of the variety show, (偶像萬萬碎), Aaron advises Gui Gui to get married to a mature guy who is at least 30, and when she inquires about him, he suggests a promise to marry her if she’s still unmarried at age 30. She wants to go to Finland to see the Northern Lights. Short clips of both shows are included after the jump (or after my imaginary storyline of them in a typical romcom.) .

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