Updating rosters for madden 09 on ps3

Tom Hammond is slightly robotic in his play-by-play delivery, but Cris Collingsworth provides some very natural, realistic color commentary and analysis.

Following an unsuccessful play, Collingsworth may use the new Back Track system to ‘draw on the screen’, showing you were you went wrong and what your options were. Graphically, this game more than holds its own, with detailed and lively stadiums and noticeably different body types for different players.

The ex-player, ex-coach and current hot-dog-loving commentator informs us that the big innovation to this year’s game is an adaptive difficulty level.

He invites you to take the ‘Madden Test’ which supposedly gauges your abilities in different aspects of NFL Football and scales the challenge in these areas accordingly.

Although the quarterback is undoubtedly the most interesting and important player on the field, the fact that you may not even be off the bench the whole game and that you’re scored on the successes and failures of your whole team (something which you don’t have full control over) makes this a tiresome mode to play.What sounds like a fantastic idea in theory, falls flat in practice.Unfortunately the training modes present in the Test do not translate to the skills you’ll need when playing the actual game.The rewind button is also the same button to make the quarterback dive into the end-zone, meaning that when hammering this button enthusiastically I actually managed (to my horror) to rewind my very first touchdown.Flabbergastingly, the rewind option is also present in offline multiplayer games.

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