Updating an older man wardrobe

Smokey incense with a creamy vibe in the dry down that lasts until you take a shower.This is for evening wear and projects like a beast on heat.This is the case with Interlude Man, the current formulation uses half of the ingredients that the original formulation used and is subsequently much weaker.The perfume does smell nice, it smells a lot like burnt candy which i found quite pleasing and couldn't get enough of, but the scent remained linear throughout which was a disappointment at this price point.Each of them gives stellar performance, so the reformulation does not bother me at all. The current formulation is beast mode in all regards whilst the 2012/13 is simply an unrelenting cloud of nuclear explosion. Burada sıralanan notaların hiçbiri tek başına sahneyi alamıyor. Some may be offended by it in the same way they get offended with oudy woody scents sometimes, but it doesn't compromise with scent , in the same way that black afgano doesn't- though both are long lasting powers in their own right, they don't smell the same A fantastic, powerful incense from Amouage, multi-faceted with many different dimensions and accords appearing throughout its development.I bought a 50ml in 2013 and still got more than 30 ml left. @pianist75...all due respect, I dont even have the original of this scent, and yet the reformulation of this frag is just as beautiful and very nearly as long lasting as the first bottle of this stuff. But It will also work wonders in the heat of an Australian summer if applied lightly 1 spray. Eğer beğeniyorsanız etrafınızı düşünün ve az kullanın. Sürekli bağırarak ilerleyen bir karışım var ortada. Bence iyi bir deneme süreci geçirmeden kesinlikle almayın. Interlude's opening is marked by a strong oregano note.

Don't allow the size of this one to scare you off--Interlude will warm up to you quickly and wholeheartedly if you let it.

Amouage presents a new pair of fragrances by the name of Interlude.

Interlude Woman and Interlude Man are said to evoke an air of disorder while maintaining a sense of balance and tranquility through the inventive use of incense and myrrh.

Its a love or hate and most people will go for the love.

I will never be without this beast of a fragrance as I have a full vintage bottle & a nearly full reformulated bottle. Its a complex mix of Smokey oudy leathery aroma with spices it blends in to explode around you.

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