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Some areas of the game will require the player to solve puzzles with the use of Drake's journal, which provides clues towards the puzzles' solutions.When enabled, a hint system provides gameplay clues, such as the direction of the next objective.It's no secret that if you're popular on social media, there's cash coming your way sooner or later.A lot of that money is generated by those annoying ads that pop up just before a video—and Google reportedly takes a 45 percent cut of You Tube users' revenue before handing it over.

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Uncharted 3 was one of the best-reviewed games of 2011 with a score of 92 from review aggregate website Metacritic.

Reviewers praised its writing, voice acting, graphics, cinematic quality and story; criticism was directed at the lack of single-player unlockables, technical issues, and failure to live up to its more critically successful predecessor.

With your Buddy, you can do a cooperative taunt over dead enemies you defeated together, and can also collect each other's earned treasures for them.

The player is able to spawn next to his buddy so long as the buddy remains alive and out of combat.

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