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I was young when we dated and I swore off sex for a while after him.The guy I worked with used to live next door to an RC priest who was in charge of the church's charity finances.On two different occasions brothers informed me that their status didn't carry the same baggage as that of a priest. Mid-forties and open to a discreet relationship (sexual) with a priest in the Boston area. Also open to attending any "secret rectory dinners" or parties and being shared. I come from a very catholic background and so during my time there I became involved in the catholic chaplaincy on campus.I was oblivious at the time because I figured they were holy men. If you're interested, let me know here and we will figure out a way to be in touch. The chaplaincy was headed by a very attractive and fresh from the seminary priest.

Inside (I visited when he sold it to move into a bigger place and you could tour it) it resembled a gay sauna..a gay sauna catered for nine year old asian boys.

You entered through a long conservatory which opened to a large covered courtyard, the centrepiece of which was a spa pool with statues of cherubs at its corners. I knew one who owned two businesses, but they do promise to be not to suck or fuck. I dated a seminarian and we made out in the bell tower of the large seminary chapel at night.

This led to bedrooms, in each of which was a picture of the Pope, and a pair of boy's asian sandals by the bed. The RC priest who became an Episcopalian and now has a talk show was outed when photographed on the beach with the girlfriend he eventually married.i used to have a priest friend that had the biggest dick and i would go over several times a month and have great sex with him but he moved away i wish i could find another with a big dick around lafayette louisiana if any one knows any in my area please email me [email protected]"Well, chastity outside of marriage is not allowed (or 'sinful') for anyone that follows the church teachings anyway..."R15, you seem pretty fucking confused. Most of the seminarians were gay and accustomed to such "visits." This was an archdiocesan seminary, but I also knew gay (out and wild) Jesuits, Marianists, and Franciscans.

I had only really just admitted to myself that I was gay and was still very closeted.

I got to know the priest well and we struck up a friendship.

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A closeted priest i knew basically said the same thing, that gay sex doesn't count as 'real sex'. Remember asking the same question of a young, hot assistant pastor in my hometown church when I was 12.

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