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Only because I'm pretty sure he's referencing Sir Mix A Lot's Baby Got Back, when he says "Klingon face with an Alderaan booty." And this makes me love him.

His Approach/Chat Up Line: "I'm programmed in multiple techniques; a broad variety of pleasuring." (I love this guy-he's so committed. Closing Skills: Did you know the Vulcan Salute originated from the Shocker?

It’s hard to find a fellow trekkie, much less one you are compatible enough with to want to see more than once.

Trekkies are a very special breed of human beings, and I’m excited that now there is a place designed especially for them to find romance and love.

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So, being a Trekkie myself, I figured, Why not Trek Trekkie is somewhat of a derogatory term and refers to zealous obsessives who still manage to break into a 3/4 squishy when they see the Priceline Negotiator. His Approach/Chat Up Line: "Hi how awkward is writing about yourself." And how pesky is punctuation?Trekkers are a savvier lot, and legend has it, the term was originated in the 1970s to try draw a line between those fans jumping on the Star Trek band wagon, and the die- hards, who were there from episode 1- the Trekkers. Conversation Skills/Rapport: Scottish import so he kinda sounded like Shrek. Closing skills: Pretty normal dude, weird he's on Date A Trekkie.Well now you can search for your very own Trekkie partner online on an updated Star Trek-themed dating website, Trek Single Star Trek fans of any sexual orientation, can create profiles on the website and start looking for love amongst the stars.

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