The fade away dating websites

Essentially, whether you’re a 3 or a 10 is not really your decision. Anyway, back to the original premise: I think we can agree in general that young women remain particularly appealing to men, even when it gets a bit creepy.I think we can also agree that, for whatever reason, older men seem have more dating options than older women.I’m going to stick with that premise, since I think Ok Cupid’s data skews young.

They say something to the effect of: “American women are way too picky, way too masculine, way too selfish.

Women need to understand that the male curve lags the female curve by about five years, is flatter and a little wider.

That means you’ll have more competition from younger women as you age.

Other well established advocates are Just For Guys, Married Man Sex Life, Dalrock just to name a few.

What are your thoughts on the increasing red pill trend?

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You will never be hotter than you are at 22, so plan accordingly.

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