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Snow up to 65cm deep lay at various points during this time.

During this time a series of intense snowstorms affected the city dumping in total 118.4cm snow on the city. Click here to find out what the weather's doing right now in Toronto.

Small planes were damaged in the wind and the storm caused a 5 storey building being built in Dartmouth, NS to collapse.

1989 In Pelly Bay, NWT an air temperature of -51C and windchill of -91C was recorded and this might have been Canada's lowest ever windchill.

Use this link to calculate the wind chill where you are now. ON, breaking a 45 year old daily maximum temperature record here.

Pleasant as this warm weather might have been it caused mudslides on construction sites and flooding in some basements.

The same storm produced a fall of 53cm snow at Moncton, NB. Temperatures at Hall Beach, NT were -46C and winds 61km/h and at Pelly Bay, NT -51C and 56km/h.

The resulting wind chills were -73 and -77 respectively.

2000 0,000 damage was caused in the Channel Head area in Newfoundland when a freak wave hit.

The same stomr deposited 53cm snow in Saint John, New Brunswick, just 6cm short of their 24 hour snowfall record set in 1960.

1901 Toronto's coldest night of the year as lows drop to -28.8C.

Close to 100mm rain fell in Saint John and Sussex whilst ice breaking up in the south-west branch of the Miramichi River left ice piled up to 3m high along river banks.

2001 Prince Edward Island had it's worst storm in 6 years.

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