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“That way we can essentially also locate the alpha effect in the tachocline,” says Frank Stefani.

Now the HZDR scientists have discovered the first evidence for the Tayler instability also oscillating back and forth between right- and left-handedness.

The scientists surrounding Frank Stefani have been researching magnetic fields in the cosmos and on Earth for many years.

They were also the first group in the world to successfully prove both the Tayler instability and the magnetorotational instability in laboratory experiments.

The benefits are an extremely quick charging time, an (at least theoretically) infinite number of charging cycles and low costs, if a battery which is one square meter in size can successfully be produced. ”, in Solar Physics, Online Publication on September 1, 2016 (DOI:10.1007/s11207-016-0968-0) Further information: Dr.

“For these batteries, the Tayler instability poses a serious danger because it inevitably arises when the cells get bigger and bigger. Frank Stefani Institute of Fluid Dynamics at HZDR Phone 49 351 260-3069 Email: [email protected] contact: Christine Bohnet | Press spokesperson & head HZDR communications Phone 49 351 260-2450 oder 49 160 969 288 56 | Email: [email protected] Dresden-Rossendorf | Bautzner Landstr.

In 1999, the specialists in magnetohydrodynamics were also involved in the first demonstration of the homogeneous dynamo effect in Riga.

This means that very small forces are enough to initiate an oscillation in the alpha effect.

Many questions regarding the Sun’s magnetic field are still unanswered. Through self-excitation, a magnetic field is created from virtually nothing, whereby the complex movement of the conductive plasma serves as an energy source,“ says the physicist Dr. The Sun’s so-called alpha-omega dynamo is subject to a regular cycle.

Approximately every eleven years the polarity of the Sun’s magnetic field is reversed, with solar activity peaking with the same frequency.

The fundamental principle of liquid-metal batteries is extremely simple.

It consists of two liquid metals of differing densities - the electrodes - which are only separated by a thin layer of salt. Weier: „Synchronized Helicity Oscillations: A Link Between Planetary Tides and the Solar Cycle?

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