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Shinjo was actually quite surprised to learn that Haou Airen had turned into a live action adaptation, but to be honest with a story like this it seemed inevitable.

Mafia, underground syndicates, murder, rape, kidnappings, you name it this manga has all of the tricks of the trade which make it a fantastic read.

While some may get turned off by some of the more mature and violent themes portrayed in the series, it’s worth noting that everything ties together real well to capture a very realistic environment that truly makes you feel like you’re in that universe.

Miu prays everyday that the one she loves, Shion Amamiya, returns that very same love back to her.

Sleeping your way to the top was the main focal point in the initial stage of Love Celeb, as these perverted men tried to coerce Kirara into performing sexual acts just so that she could land her dream role.

However as the story progresses and Gin started to show signs of concern for Kirara’s safety, the story starts to take a more romantic turn which leads to a wonderful ending for those who decide to read into it.

Think of Haou Airen as one of those classic 90’s films where the lead female role saves the life of an unknown man, who actually ends up being this ruthless killer and now she must fight by his side while falling madly in love with him.

It’s an action flick that’s been transformed into manga form, which gives fans of the genre some great entertainment on the go.

Both men made a vow that they would always stay by her side to protect her from any evil that comes her way, however they both never knew that her heart was made of diamond.The thing is, he's also her teacher at her high school!!Both struggle to manage their love and life while keeping their relationship a secret from the rest of the school.While Gin’s character may come off as possessive, you can clearly see that he’s doing what he can to ensure that Kirara doesn’t suffer the way she did earlier, and that she can live her dream in a much more civil fashion.Himeno has this rare condition where if a boy touches her, her chest begins to throb in pain due to her heart being a diamond.

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