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The only problem with criticising it for being over the top and unrealistic to portray a right wing judge handing out tough sentences on juveniles for trivial offences in return for monetary gain in deals with a private prison, is that it's obviously based on the kids for cash case.

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Sadly with the growth of the private prison industry the practice of judiciary being prepared to ruin peoples lives for their own gain is probably not an isolated incident.

See more » I note that other reviews have criticised the second half of this as being unrealistic and even one has suggested it has some sort of "liberal" agenda.

They eventually come to an agreement that Peter and Dave both love the band equally, and are thus brethren to the KISS Army.This fact sheet highlights key issues related to sex offenses and the management of sex offenders who are under the control of the justice which judges did exactly that in return for money and favours.I'm a really nice person to get to no and I'm looking for the kind of my dreams hopefully it will happen ...I do not get any kids yet so am looking for kids in my relationship.

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