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Society of Automotive Engineers, a quasi-official trade association which establishes standards for materials and parts used in the automotive industry. When the modern style of bicycle was replacing the high wheeler, in the late 1880's, the new style was mainly noted for its greater safety compared to the older design.This body has jurisdiction over screw threads and wrench sizes based on the inch system, so inch-based fasteners are sometimes referred to as S. The two breakthroughs that allowed the safety bicycle to obsolete the high wheeler were Dunlop's pneumatic tire and chain drive.Leather saddles are particularly well suited to long-distance tourists, and have their greatest advantage in hot weather, because they are porous and able to breathe, unlike plastic saddles which have closed-cell foam (also known as "gel") as a cushion.There is a more extensive article on Leather Saddles on this site.This is a Woods valve, formerly popular in the British Isles and Asia.A colloquial term for free samples of parts, clothing, etc.Their parts in general were quite good, and stand up well in comparison with Shimano equivalents, although exchange rate problems sometimes make them less affordable.

Sachs formerly also made kick-back hubs and a "2 x 6" hybrid hub, the "Orbit".A touring bag, which is attached to the rear of a bicycle saddle."Touring bag" is less confusing, because the saddlebags used on a horse look much like bicycle pannier bags, which sit to either side of a bicycle wheel. A conventional bicycle, with wheels of similar size and chain drive.Santana undertook a major rethinking of tandem design.A major contribution was to discard the idea that a tandem should be as much like a solo bike as possible, with a short wheelbase for good handling.

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Most cyclists have never experienced the comfort of a well broken-in leather saddle, because most modern bicycles come with plastic saddles which require no break in or other maintenance.

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