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First Cassie than Kinessa got changed & now Shalin.His face looks so fake & weird like Cassie, older model looked much better. Shalin looked funny & many complained but now he looks so creepy.Since the syntax checking internals were redesigned to handle multiple languages, we also made it easier to select different checkers for a particular language.

Make it Viktor, Tyra or Lex as i am actually sick of seeing those.

Mongoose will provide a much less intimidating error message than a stack trace (or, under wx Python, an app that suddenly vanishes).

Bundled reporting styles include summary and detailed log files, email, and wx Python alerts. Perhaps the most interesting part of the package is that Mongoose creates an ID for each exception, similar to the Talkback ID from Mozilla builds. ) hash of the method signatures in the stack trace.

When we realized that multi-language templating systems were becoming more common, we made it easier to create new colorizers for them.

But until now, Komodo wasn't very flexible at checking the syntax of these documents.

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If you're looking for a higher degree of accuracy, pychecker can supply that.

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