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When installing new fonts is possible (and advisable) to instruct Windows to leave these new fonts in their current original locations by deselecting the box marked Copy fonts to Fonts Folder.

To preview a font, simply double-click it, and a new window will open showing samples of the font in various sizes.

You can also choose Classic view and then click on the Fonts icon to manage your fonts as in Windows XP.

There are a number of third-party font managers available that offer greater flexibility and ease of use.

[file name]and [file name].pfb) be supplied for a font to print.

Any substitutions made for these original fonts (even if they have the same names) may result in unpredictable or unacceptable type reflow occurring.This can be a complex issue because there are often many types of fonts being used and they may be located in a number of different places on the computer or even on the network.For detailed information on fonts and font locations please refer to the Managing Your Windows Fonts section below.You can see a list of installed fonts in Microsoft Windows by going to the Control Panel and choosing Fonts.You can view a list of installed fonts, preview fonts, and add and remove fonts.

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