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The mentally unstable mutant joins the Brotherhood upon Mystique's return, allowing them to defeat the X-Men in a battle at the Bayville Mall.

Before the finale, a pivotal episode aired featuring the telepath Mesmero opening one of three doors that would unleash a mutant known as Apocalypse.

Confrontations are typically with the Brotherhood, who vie for new recruits with the X-Men over the course of the season.

Toad is the first to be introduced, followed by Avalanche, Blob and Quicksilver.

Magneto captures several X-Men and Brotherhood members in an attempt to amplify their mutant abilities and remove their emotions.

The Brotherhood and X-Men show up leaving Magneto, Sabretooth and Mystique trapped on the asteroid.

Scott and Jean develop a stronger and closer romantic relationship (particularly after Mystique kidnaps Scott and brings him to Mexico), Spyke leaves the X-Men when his mutant ability becomes uncontrollable, deciding to live with the sewer-dwelling mutants known as the Morlocks, and Wanda continues to search for Magneto, who she discovers was saved by Quicksilver at the last second, until Magneto uses the telepathic mutant Mastermind to change her childhood memories.Mystique poses as Risty Wilde, a high school student at Bayville High who befriends Rogue and breaks into the mansion to steal Xavier's Cerebro files.Using the files, she recovers Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch, Magneto's daughter and Quicksilver's sister.The first season introduces the core characters and lays the foundations for future story lines.Professor X, Cyclops, Wolverine, Storm and Jean Grey make up the original X-Men.

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