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Kirin Narayan's imagination was captured the very first time, as a girl visiting the region, that she heard Kangra women join their voices together in song.

With rare and captivating eloquence, Narayan portrays Kangra songs about difficulties on the lives of goddesses and female saints as a path to well-being.In addition, it tracks subversive, internationalist counter-movements that challenged nationalist musical establishments - as well as the openness of some Britons and Indians to the possibility of learning from each other.Ranging from the groundbreaking folk music research and compositions of Percy Grainger to Sikh sacred music, this study opens up new areas for research by applying music as a lens through which to examine societal and intellectual change.The author reflects on the startling recent developments that have brought this sect from the relative obscurity of a regional culture to an international audience.This new edition is accompanied by two CDs of Baul music.

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"Singers Die Twice" is the story of a life in music.

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