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All of which can only been seen if I want them to be seen...........the old saying goes " each to their own" All I can think of with the armbands is ouchhhh Just an update on my tattoo....finally healing well.

Still has a scab but I am hoping it will look better very soon. I think tattoo's & piercings on men are 2 cents i have 15 tattoos and theres lots of stuff you can do just don't use anything with vit.

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Been a tanning nut, I still went but put a towel over the tattoo....traci,a fellow tanning fanatic lol... It’s January 2016 in Kinshasa, the pulsating capital city in the far west of the vast and volatile Democratic Republic of Congo.Just a year earlier, the radio-trottoir, or pavement radio, as the city’s incessant gossip mill is known, spread word that Edingwe was near death’s door, broke and unable to cover the hefty cost of his prolonged hospital stay, finally turning to God in a last-ditch effort to be saved.Check the ingredients cause you'd be surprised how many lotions contain that product!! hi this is coming from a person who is sleeved on both arms ...lightley wash with soap and water twice a day and lotion after DO NOT over lubercate and in about a week the dicomfort will go away ......... My tattoo is a phoenix, found it online, but the online version was a little weak, so I fixed it up. Hmmmmmmmmmmm 2 threads about tattoo's and piercings......I have both......2 armbands ears are pierced twice in each ear.....yep....nipples are pierced.

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