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The Arab numerals seem written by the same pen as the signature and the rest of the handwritten material, that is to say the thin lined symbols.

“21 X 24" is made up of Arab numerals with an X used as a modern mathematical symbol.

David Diringer (Cambridge, Reader in Semitic Epigraphy) believed that, "Stenography or shorthand, that is to say the script which aims at the maximum speed in transmission of thought, is in a certain sense the last stage of the history of writing ().A colleague, with whom I’d previously shared the images of the prayer book and its bookmarks, has commented: “The resemblance to Pitman Shorthand (created in 1837, but based on an older system patented by John Byrom in 1740) is very strong.I suggest that, if the document is in the Micmac language, it is NOT written in Micmac script, but in shorthand.” It was a fine suggestion and I credit and thank Donal Buchanan (Editor, The descriptive term, ‘shorthand’, is applied to any writing system in which an average practitioner may match the pace of conversational speech with characters, signs or sigla.The signature with flourishes is partial, though substantial, and is immanently researchable.I accept the endings of the two large print French words as equally conjectural.

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