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If you're taking an excursion that begins by bus or van, your vehicle will pick you up at the water fountain to the left as you exit the Welcome Center.To the right as you exit the Welcome Center you'll find taxis, carriage rides and scooter rentals, as well as the water taxi to Paradise Island, tour boats and ferries.

Hog Island Lighthouse, at the western tip of the island, was constructed in 1817 and marks the entrance to the harbor.

Nassau Harbor, protected by Paradise Island, bustles with traffic, and several cruise ships at a time can dock at Prince George Wharf, disgorging waves of tourists into the city to explore its many attractions, both natural and urban.

Pleasure seekers flock here from around the world to relax in the warm, tropical climate; bask on the creamy sands of Cable Beach; browse the duty-free downtown shops; and frolic in the glitzy, themed resorts.

As you make your way from your ship to town, you'll pass through the Festival Place Welcome Center, a building that houses a number of services for travelers.

It's a short and easy walk from your ship into the bustling downtown area.

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