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To date, the metro Indy area boasts two Orangetheory Fitness locations: one on the northside (in the Ironworks building) and one in Fishers.

In April, Douglas-Poe will open an OTF location in her hometown, Greenwood.

Also, being a BBC production, I know they usually have quality TV.

Wow, that couldn't have been further from the truth.

In 2012, she averaged more than 16 points per game.

The injuries ended that, and the elite athlete needed a new way to stay in shape.

A lower-back injury put her on the sidelines for most of 2013; she had back surgery later that same year in Los Angeles and signed a free-agent contract with the Connecticut Sun, the team she would retire from in 2015.

Getting into the orange zone Douglas-Poe can’t remember the exact date when she walked into the Orangetheory Fitness location in Fort Myers, Florida, (where she and her husband, Fred Poe, have a second home), but she does remember the impact the workouts have had on her.

Smith Valley Road, as her contribution to the southside.

“The southside is where I was born and raised, and I love the people,” she says. They have been so supportive of my career and my journey.

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