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The show debuted in syndication in 1983 and ended in 1994 after more than 2,000 shows, although reruns continued to air through June 30, 1995.

The show was a variant of The Dating Game in which a bachelor or bachelorette would select from three potential dates of the opposite sex.

The contestant, who had already gone on the blind date, would introduce his/her choice.

Since contestants were not permitted to see each other or make contact between the time they went on their date and when they appeared on the show, this was their first meeting since going out.

One marriage resulted when a woman wrote a letter in care of the program to a gentleman that she saw on the show and wanted to meet him.

He'd gone out on dates with two different women, both of which went badly. There were at least two proposals on the air after the couples were reunited onstage.

The date is introduced, then appears on-screen via backstage hookup.

or Miss Right for the first time; however, there were plenty of older contestants who were single (officially listed as "never been married"), widowed or divorced (multiple times, in some cases).

If not, the contestant could choose between the other two matches as before or stay on their own.

Of the roughly 22,000 couples who met on the show, 31 eventually married.

Unlike The Dating Game, where contestants only needed to be at least 18 years old, participants on the Woolery edition of Love Connection initally had to be at least 23; it was later lowered to 21.

While Chuck was hosting Love Connection, he also hosted the daytime game show Scrabble on NBC.

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Daters were given $75 for the date (mentioned on a 1985 episode re-aired on GSN) during the show's initial run.

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