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This may lead to a lower interest rate on a Direct Consolidation loan, but only if you are consolidating variable rate loans.

You will generally receive your first bills within 60 days after the new Direct Consolidation loan is made.

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Paying more than your monthly minimum will decrease the amount of interest you pay throughout the life of your loan, but it’s smart to pay down high-interest debt and save for retirement first.

There are still many borrowers struggling with joint consolidation loans.

There are numerous problems that can arise–for example, if one of the divorced ex-spouses wants to apply for IBR.

You have four different “consolidation servicers”: Fed Loan Servicing (PHEAA), Great Lakes, Nelnet and Sallie Mae (now called Navient).

(“Joint and several liability” means that both borrowers are fully liable for the full amount of the debt).

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