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A sheriff's deputy spotted him in the parking lot as he tried to drive away and stopped him, arresting him on suspicion of DUI, child abuse, possession of heroin and methamphetamine, possession of drug paraphernalia, and driving without insurance.Christenson, his common-law wife, was found inside the store with the three young sons and arrested on an outstanding warrant stemming from a traffic violation.The Crowley Fire Department has also joined forces with us this year and will help sell T-Shirts for us. Unfortunately, we all know someone that has fought the battle and we know firsthand how the Miles Perret Center does not discriminate.A couple have admitted to giving their newborn daughter prescription narcotics within hours of her birth, to mask the effects of heroin withdrawal, police say Colby Glen Wilde, 29, and Lacey Dawn Christenson, 26, face a slew of drug and child endangerment charges after a weeks-long investigation into the couple by police in Elk Ridge, Utah.Wilde and Christenson were initially released on bond, but were re-arrested on July 18 after a subsequent search of their home found a trove of narcotics and caught Christensen in the act of smoking heroin, police say.Investigators questioned the pair and learned the horrific story of the young daughter, who was born on April 9.

From performing high-volume rhythm and blues, to playing flawless, show-stopping classics, from popular hip hop dance moves to precision drill steps, the Southern University Marching Band is without question a spectacular force.

The Acadia Parish Schools have agreed to send fliers home with every child to help us not only sell the pink t-shirt but our poster t-shirt as well.

In the past several businesses and financial institutions have helped to sell our souvenirs and this year is no different.

As Wilde tried to flee through another door, he banged into a pillar and dropped the car seat again, causing bystanders to intervene to stop the out-of-control man.

Wilde responded by foisting his daughter into the hands of one of the bystanders, a stranger, and sprinting away.

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Wilde is the father of Christenson's three younger children, officials said.

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