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Kareem has been outspoken about the Kaepernick situation in the past -- he even wrote an article about Kaep's protests in The Washington Post.

But he's not ready to declare the NFL anti-Kaep yet ...

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She was the focus of a documentary entitled 'Ethel', which was directed by her daughter Rory. Kennedy's assassination she swore she would never marry again.

She was with her husband at the Ambassador Hotel when he was assassinated by Sirhan Sirhan.

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and says we'll just have to "wait and see" if he gets hired before the 2017 season.

The NFL isn't giving up in the fight to punish Ezekiel Elliott -- the league has just filed court docs to appeal the preliminary injunction that had been awarded to the Dallas Cowboys running back last week. the league wants to enforce the 6-game suspension as soon as possible, ideally this season -- and the appeal is the best way to try and get that result. The NFL will file more papers detailing why they think the judge who handed out the preliminary injunction got it wrong. Eventually, a 3 judge panel will likely hear the appeal.

The panel could reverse the decision which would give the NFL the power to enforce the suspension ASAP. a huge fight broke out on the FIRST day "Love & Hip Hop L.

BEFORE FAME She became roommates with Jean Kennedy while attending the Manhattanville College of the Sacred Heart. Kennedy while on a ski vacation, though he was dating her sister at the time.

Historical Events in the Life of Ethel Kennedy 2014-11-10 Ethel Kennedy is awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom The meaning of the name Kennedy: FUN FACTS Political Wife Ethel Kennedy were born on Wednesday, in a leap year, birthstone is Diamond, the seaon was Spring in the Chinese year of Dragon, it is 89 days until Ethel Kennedy next birthday.

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