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But the scholarly consensus seems to be that the invoking of the "Thirteen Buddhas" had evolved later around the 14th century But that would be contradictory to the aforementioned concept of the "three wheel-embodiments", which considers the wisdom-king as a higher class of beings than vajrapani or other dharmapala guardian deities.However, that is strictly a Japanese interpretation.Fudō Myō-ō is also highly revered amongst some Yakuza members, who oftentimes draw on his intense facial expression and demeanor.

Nevertheless, this distinction sometimes fails to be asserted, or the two are openly treated as synonymous by many commentators, even in clearly Japanese religious contexts.He is classed among the Wisdom Kings and preeminent among the Five Wisdom Kings of the Womb Realm.Accordingly, his figure occupies an important hierarchical position in the pictorial diagramatic Mandala of the Two Realms.49 days) signifying the end of "intermediate state" (bardo).Literature on Shingon Buddhist ritual will explain that such and such Sanskrit "seed syllable", or mantra or mudra is attendant to each of the "buddhas" for each observance period.

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