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Homosexuality in the DPRK is one of the most mysterious things about this mysterious state – how is a subject, still something of a taboo even in the west, treated in one of the most authoritarian and conformist states in the world?

Ji Min’s confusion is not hard to believe: While North Korea has no laws on the books to punish gay relationships, defectors routinely confess they’d had no exposure to even the idea of homosexuality until they arrived in South Korea or the United States.

But Ji Min’s friend was not interested in the girls – he was more interested in Ji Min.

“He always treated me so nicely,” said Ji Min, who defected from the DPRK in 2005.

Communism has traditionally not been tolerant, with homosexuality often seen as a product of decadent capitalist materialism and immorality.

In the Soviet Union under Stalin, for example, homosexuality was punished in gulags and Russia only made it legal with the fall of communism in 1993.

“I was (very) favored by his effort to get me out of hard training or to give me delicious food.

I am wondering why he really did so to me when he ignored all those girls who tried hard to get his attention.” Western readers may not be so perplexed – it’s possible Ji Min was the subject of a homosexual crush.

Furthermore, on the job they were exposed to many unmarried girls, and “some of them were really pretty,” Ji Min recalled.

This special session, where Berger and Moore rammed through hastily-crafted legislation was a farce of public policy.""One of the biggest issues was about privacy," Moore said.

"The way the ordinance was written by City Council in Charlotte, it would have allowed a man to go into a bathroom, locker or any changing facility, where women are -- even if he was a man. Obviously there is the security risk of a sexual predator, but there is the issue of privacy.""When I arrived home tonight, my wife told me that one of her former students visited her at school today. David Price, D-North Carolina, also chastised the Legislature for prioritizing passing the bill over other issues.

The bill also reserves the right to pass nondiscrimination legislation to the state government, saying state laws preempt any local ordinances.

Pat Mc Crory, a Republican, signed the bill Wednesday night and tweeted, "Ordinance defied common sense, allowing men to use women's bathroom/locker room for instance.

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