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In spite of all this talk about them keeping it toned-down, the couple did join forces to celebrate Holly’s birthday last week – which, as everyone knows – is a pretty good indication that they’re on official terms.When it comes to Geordie Shore sex we thought we’d literally seen it all. In next week’s episode the gang decide to have one giant sleepover.

Real beauties avid for cock, moody to share and provide the best nudity scenes in smashing moments of extra spicy porn.

‘I’ve just completed my first ever BJ and I feel mint so I go to see if he enjoyed it and the f***er’s asleep, so I better sort myself out then! She then heads out of the room and returns moments later getting back in to bed next to Scotty T.

Now remember, the rest of the crew (minus Scott and Hyle who are so loved up they can’t spare the time to be sociable) are still awake at this point.

Related: Stephen Bear hints at Celebrity Big Brother return amid talk of 'legends series'"I obviously can't say what it is, but they're so good, Charlotte stormed off at the end and created a whole new episode out of it."That's how bad the tattoo was.

She stormed off and they had to make a whole new episode." We dread to think.

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She got royally stitched up by ex-boyfriend Kyle Christie on Just Tattoo Of Us with a massive tattoo of Kyle’s face on the back of her neck.

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