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Generally speaking, as long as their rent is paid and the chores are finished, none of the Managers mind what they do. How can you sleep in when you sleep 20 hours a day already?

Generally, that would be because you have a major problem, usually external, and usually inhaled.

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Well, both wanted to meet the day after and make some more money. But it’s arguably Owen’s final kinky act that warrants greatest acclaim, having spewed out his own thick wad mid-fuck and then brought Gaul to a similar sticky climax.

For there’s no shying away from the taste of cum for this lad.

It’s been a while since he’s had straight dick but that’s not the part the turns him on…

Sean is a balls man and he’s convinced that straight men’s balls hang lower and that’s his biggest turn on! He’s done a lot of cam work but today he’s at the studio to fuck a chick.

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The resident is hard to get a reaction out of, but in this particular instance his reaction was clear, and quite loud.

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