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The administration of Costa Rican President Luis Guillermo Solís really wants to let people know that it cares about sports investment.

The government’s funds to athletics are funneled through the Instituto Costarricense del Deporte y la Recreación, or Icoder.

Britain has beaten a China – a country of 1.3bn population - to take second place in the Rio Olympics, justifying UK Sport chief executive Liz Nicholls’s declaration that we are now a sporting “superpower.” How on earth did we manage that?

Money An 18-year investment of National Lottery money is the fundamental reason for success.

The first three teams in each division will qualify for the World Cup. 10, according to the Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football.

Honduras will take on México, Panamá will face off against Costa Rica and Trinidad & Tobago will play the U. The Costa Rican team will travel to Panamá, according to the association’s schedules website.

Expats may have noticed a lot of noise that night from cars honking to people shouting and horns blaring.

The British team have found laborious transfers between the four Olympic venues frustrating at times.

Other problems have included the availability of good food and access to a 24-hour training facility.

Britain plays the long game, while its athletes train full-time with some of the world’s best coaches and support staff through the Institute of Sport.

Being a team All athletes have had a form of the Team GB livery worked into their kit.

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