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The 1921 Packers and Stockyards Act was originally drafted to offer small farmers protection from the predatory, retaliatory and nontransparent practices of large packers, says Barbara Patterson of the Washington, D. “Over time, though,” she says, “the courts have slowly eroded that original intent.” The USDA, in response to a request for comment, issued a statement pointing out that it had based its decision in part on public comments, many of which had noted that “the purpose of the [Packers and Stockyards] Act is to protect competition, not individual competitors.” The statement also said the agency’s action was “consistent with President’s Trump’s Executive Order to reduce regulations and control regulatory costs.” USDA says it remains committed to protecting “fair trade practices” and competitive markets.

The case of Tennessee poultry farmer Alton Terry illustrates the type of abuses that small contract poultry farmers allege.

Another rule the USDA withdrew would have helped define which actions are considered unfair, discriminatory or deceptive.

Left intact was a third rule, clarifying the rules governing the “tournament system” of poultry producing — which pits producers against each other in a contest of who can produce the biggest chickens with the least amount of feed.

“The fear in the countryside on this is palpable,” she says.

aimed at a Trump administration they feel has let them down.

The lawsuit, filed by the Organization for Competitive Markets — a small-farmers think tank based in Lincoln, Neb.

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“Making it a subagency of AMS potentially has inherent conflicts of interests,” says Lee.

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