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The husband-and-wife directorial duo Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris ("Little Miss Sunshine") started working on the movie in 2015, when Trump was just a long-shot contender in a Republican field of 16.

But as filming progressed in tandem with the presidential race, the directors started to get excited about the similarities.

"I was doing my part — they wanted a battle of the sexes on and off the court." Dayton added: "We felt it was really important to put the real Howard Cosell in and use exactly what he said, because you almost wouldn't believe it otherwise. It's just a sign of where we were." Time can change our perspective, but it doesn't always take decades.Neither watched, but both remember the era's sexual politics. "So things have gotten better." You can see that, for instance, in Howard Cosell's dated commentary during the match, which appears in the film from real, archival footage.Faris recalls being taught in high school health class that homosexuality was a syndrome. "Here comes Billie Jean King — a very attractive young lady," Cosell said.After she was outed (and not by choice) in 1981, King lost endorsements, and her reputation took a hit.Dayton and Faris were teenagers when the King-Riggs feud captivated the country.

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