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“We’re hoping to start a discussion.” Facebook is doing this partly to help smaller companies, which might not be able to afford a bevy of in-house employment lawyers and could use a model for setting up their own policies.

The company understands that and says it’ll be largely up to people like you to report them to a global review team to stop them from spreading.

In the wake of Fowler’s expose and other workplace problems, Uber also released its first report earlier this year, joining those who have sought edification through transparency.

By trying to start a trend, Facebook is sending a message to those inside and outside the company that this issue is taken seriously in Menlo Park (and stands to have its reputation benefit from the optics of that seriousness, too).

“We need systemic, lasting changes that deter bad behavior and protect everyone,” Sandberg wrote.

“Too many workplaces lack clear policies about how to handle accusations of sexual harassment.” It’s not a simple thing to do.

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