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For each item note how you feel: Let her know if you see D/s as a lifestyle or a form of play. The more honestly felt words you present about yourself the better your chances of meeting a compatible Domme.

There isn't such thing as the perfect opener BUT, there are definitely a few things you can do to make sure you don't fall at the first hurdle. Is it a comment that shovels heaps of praise onto the author? Or one that simply thanks the blogger for their insights? With blog commenting, you’re trying to woo the owner of a blog. That’s why it’s time to improve your commenting game. No preamble — they launch right into talking about their day. When you write a great comment that adds to the discussion, it often has a domino effect. Secretly, you want them to visit your blog, follow you on social media, and ultimately become your best friend forever. ” But just because it’s possible doesn’t mean it’s likely. You meet your handsome guy or beautiful gal at a restaurant for your first date. But instead of greeting you or even acknowledging you, your date just starts talking. It’s validation that their work is reaching people.You may get only a polite "No thanks" but that is better than dead silence. One last tip: don't send her a photo of your phallus unless invited to.

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