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But you don’t have to be a Stepford submissive – you can quite happily show your feelings and thoughts and react like yourself, even within the sexual context.

I've always loved erotic fiction that I could relate to, from my very first Black Lace novel (New Woman magazine gave one away as a free gift during my formative years, and it rocked my world) through to the short stories, novellas and books that currently fill my Kindle.Discussing your expectations and limits before you do anything is an important part of the whole experience, but it needn't be in triplicate. Ana orgasms for the first time (ever – SHE clearly doesn’t read women’s magazines) as Christian tweaks her nipples back and forth. It’s probably just as well more blokes don’t read the Fifty Shades trilogy, lest we end up with a generation of men who think the road to sexual ecstasy is nipple twiddling like a cat burglar trying to crack a safe.Christian asks Ana to start an exercise regime, presumably because it's the only way even the lithest of twenty-somethings will be able to keep up with being concertinaed into exotic positions, swung from the chandeliers and generally able to keep up with him and his energetic sexual appetite.Ana doesn't have any interest in sex at all before she meets Christian, and a lot of her experiences with him involve her enduring whatever kinky shenanigans he wants to get up to, rather than actively enjoying what they're doing together.Putting aside the whole ‘why would you indulge in sex you don’t enjoy to land a guy, even if he DOES look like Daniel Craig meets Alexander Skarsgard?

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