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Bushranger Hotel It is hard to imagine that there was a time when Collector had five inns. It was built in 1860 out of ironstone and named Kimberley's.

Its true moment of fame came five years later when, on 26 January 1865 the bushranger Ben Hall and his gang held up the publican.

Eventually the name of the pub was changed to the 'Bushranger' to celebrate this event and over the years pieces of bushranging memorabilia (including some old guns) were collected. There was no verandah outside when the crime was committed.

Grave of Samuel Nelson It can be rather confusing hunting for graves but the grave of Constable Samuel Nelson is located in the Church of England cemetery at the back.

The town has a five star Olympic Pool, a diving complex, a rock climbing wall at the pool and Water Theme Park which operates during the summer months.

Parts of the pool are protected by shade and the complex has barbecue facilities.

It was during this time that it had five inns and a number of stores.Then the town was by-passed by the Federal Highway. It is said that, in spite of its obviously 'English' name, the town takes its name from an Aboriginal word 'colegdar'.Collector's history is the history of the roads which passed through it.One of the gang, John Dunn, had been left outside to guard the pub.When confronted by the constable he shot him dead with a shotgun and a pistol.

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Goats were harnessed and driven by children, much like harness racing in equine sports.

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