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Critics and fans alike have found considerable difficulty in trying to define the band's changing sound, usually settling on more general labels such as indie rock, lo-fi, folk or alt-country.The second part of the name is an allusion to both the Hawaiian tree 'Ōhi'a lehua and Molina's home state of Ohio.

It is not entirely clear when Songs: Ohia became Magnolia Electric Co.His overall discography was noted by critics for blending elements of indie rock, blues, and alternative country with his tenor vocal range.In 2009, Molina canceled a tour with Magnolia Electric Co., citing health problems as the reason.Pitchfork Media later reported that name change would be made official after the Spanish tour in October 2003.A European tour for Molina & Johnson in support of their self titled album was scheduled for November and December 2009; the tour was cancelled on November 23, 2009, three days before the concerts were to begin.

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