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The Monday Night Wars largely sprang from a rivalry between WWF owner Vince Mc Mahon and WCW owner Ted Turner, dating back to an incident in the 1980s known as Black Saturday, when Mc Mahon acquired a monopoly on all nationally televised wrestling broadcasts by purchasing a stake in Georgia Championship Wrestling, whose flagship show aired on WTCG, Turner's own network.

However, a controversial backstage decision to end Goldberg's winning streak, followed quickly by an anticlimactic match involving Kevin Nash and Hollywood Hogan – now known as the Fingerpoke of Doom – effectively killed the company's credibility in the eyes of many of its diehard fans, and the company was never able to recreate the initial level of popularity they would have enjoyed in the middle of the decade.Despite efforts to salvage the federation, it was ultimately sold to Vince Mc Mahon, ending the Monday Night Wars.In retrospect, wrestling commentators have come to see the era of the Monday Night Wars as a golden age of wrestling, with the feud between the two companies bringing out their best quality product both in terms of creativity and the performances of their wrestlers.Many have come to regard the end of the wars – and, in particular, the subsequent WWE storyline regarding the acquisition of WCW – as marking a severe decline in the quality of modern wrestling programming.Notably, as of 2017, no other company has ever emerged as a viable competitor to WWE since the acquisition of WCW, and WWE itself has never again enjoyed the same level of mainstream success that it did during the Wars.

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