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Sure, Brazil has the tendency to downplay or scale back prostitution during big events such as the World Cup and Olympics, but the fact remains that there are countless places to partake, thanks to the country’s legalization of the world’s oldest profession.

His body and torso are turned towards his date which shows a slight focus on her, his right arm is slightly intruding into her personal space which shows some sexual interest.

He has turned his body towards the female which shows his interest but his straight posture shows that he probably isn’t interested in ‘bridging the gap’ between them because he is not leaning forward.

With his left arm by his side, there is no ‘display’ but his open arm and hand shows an ‘openness’ to the female’s ideas and he intends to include her in the conversation.

If you’re planning on bringing a girl back to your room, there’s a huge chance that’s not going to happen – most hotels don’t allow you bringing guests to the room, and yes, even the expensive hotels are this way.

The same can be said for many apartment rentals as well. There are some apartments that will allow it, and you can always try Air Bn B as well.

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We tend to try to control upper body signals, particularly the face, because we know that's what people most pay attention to, but our legs and feet often give the game away; however much he's trying to pretend interest, the man’s lower body shows lack of it.

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