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We only have a small garden and use a converted large rabbit hutch with run and penned off area for our ladies.

We get 2 eggs every morning and they are soooo much tastier than shop bought. There is a chicken keepers club in this section on the forum if you want to speak to others who have chickens. I did catch her by the way Hi everyone Funnily enough Lulu Ihave just had a call from my manager as well she has not handed my my MAT B1 or any of my paperwork over to payroll or HR etc that i gave her 6 weeks ago because she says i have not given her the date i intend to return to work ????

all hope your all well Sonia..i bet they do taste free range eggs from farmers market they are big and mostly double yolkers its ok except when you only need one egg to make a cake i get caught her Josephine congratulations hunni..i used to feel guilty that i could have children but if its meant to be then its meant to be ...

Andrea hows the garden looking.are you.your lo's still sleeping through..

I am pregnant again - almost 7 weeks now - and like the other two times it wasn't quite planned.

We'd both said no more children until after the wedding (July 2010) but nature has other ideas.

when i queried why this would affect my maternity pay i was also spoken to like a child and she raised her voice at me and told she is fed up of chasing me all the time when i actually went to see her 6 weeks ago a few days after having an emergency op to sort out sick and maternity pay and have not heard anything from her since then, my maternity leave should have started last week and now iam worried i will not get paid at the end of the month i called work relations and i have been given all the wrong info by manager they do want an estimated return date but i should not have been forced onto mat leave and can return if i want til my due date ( not a good idea at the mo just hung up on manager )and i have til end of week to give est return to work form to ensure pay at the end of month....

why do they make everything so bloody difficult,....

If u get 39 weeks paid I's just say I would be bak then?I've also been ordering a new garage window before ours falls out on its own!, i just need to get a new lock for the garage and then outside the back'll be sorted (so much for not doing the garden this year ) Then i need to clean the driveway - its brick and is in need of weeding, jet washing and then sand being put down the cracks.Had s**t week..literally.threw up on monday after nursery,high temp,lethargic and really emotional.chick missed her first trip with the nursery and then she got the runs..forgot what its like for lo's with runs.i thought i would throw put the icing on the cake for her and totally ruin her week she trumped and pooped her new pants.was the end of the world.wait it gets worse for her she trumped again when i was bathing her and she pooped in the bath..sorry had to laugh her trump was so loud it offered to clean bath out for me i could hear him bawkingi almost wet myself.. I've not had much time to post over the past few weeks, but Will has a free week this week (he's a barrister, so is self-employed, so he'll schedule his cases so he has the odd 'free week'), so he's at home and taking charge to give me some time to relax.

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