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There is no national equivalent of the FICO score widely used in the United States, say, to evaluate consumer credit risks.At the same time the central government aims to police the sort of corporate malfeasance that saw tens of thousands of babies hospitalise Yet it is also an attempt to use the data to enforce a moral authority as designed by the Communist Party.But the idea is that good behaviour will be rewarded and bad behaviour punished, with the Communist Party acting as the ultimate judge.This is what China calls “Internet Plus,” but critics call a 21st-century police state.“China is moving towards a totalitarian society, where the government controls and affects individuals' private lives,” said Beijing-based novelist and social commentator Murong Xuecun.“This is like Big Brother, who has all your information and can harm you in any way he wants.” At the heart of the social credit system is an attempt to control China's vast, anarchic and poorly regulated market economy, to punish companies selling poisoned food or phony medicine, to expose doctors taking bribes and uncover con men preying on the vulnerable.

Doctors, teachers, local governments and businesses could additionally be scored by citizens for their professionalism and probity.Officials declined to be interviewed for this article.Despite the outcry in Suining, the central government seems determined to press ahead with its plans. With few people in China owning credit cards or borrowing money from banks, credit information is scarce.“Fraud has become ever more common in society,” Lian Weiliang, vice chairman of the National Development and Reform Commission, the country's main economic planning agency, said in April.“Swindlers have to pay a price.” Yet in Communist China, the plans inevitably take on an authoritarian aspect: this is not just about regulating the economy, but also about creating a new socialist utopia under the Communist Party's benevolent guidance.

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“From a technological feasibility question to a political feasibility question, to actually get to a score, to roll this out across a population of 1.3 billion, that would be a huge challenge,” Creemers said.

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