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would love to have two or three big thick cocks in my face at once.

Pay attention to her agony in a flashback where Blanchett’s Goddess of Death murders the rest of Valkyrie’s warrior clan.

Both would love to suck a group of big cocks in a circle and the female would love to get gangbanged in all three holes at the same time. I almost threw up because his cock head was covered in this disgusting soup of piss, sweat, old cum and bacteria.

We both love to swallow every drop of cum at every chance. Loves gagging and bobbing and slobbing and milking and stroking and sucking cock heads to completion. Cut cocks are cleaner and prettier For me personally I Love And very much appreciate Absalouteally ALL Sizes of cockcs from The Very Smallest All The way to The very Super, Super Largest of Cocks, and i really can not think of any time in my life that i have not had this feeling about absalouteally all cocks no matter what size they are, There is no such thing as small,medium, and/or large cocks makeing any real differance just so long as thire being licked,kissed, and sucked on most especially if there are more cocks involevd in the licking,kissing, and sucking.

I like looking at cocks, feeling them and sometimes sucking, especially black men. My ass and my tits should be spanked and covered with cum, and my face needs to be slapped and used like a cumrag. Mostly straight male who fantasizes I guess most specifically about sucking on penises and the like. My Husband adores me and gives me whatever I want sexually.. He pleases me by sucking Cocks and swallowing All the Cum that I make him swallow ... This makes me crazy hot and look out cause I'm fucking ready to get it on with ya right after that.. My gifts Taboo-Fetish- Conversation-Massage-Tell You All My Intrafamilial Incest Stories-Hard Core Fucking-Sucking-Dog Fucking-Whatever- I'm Your Whore-Dom-TRY Me Baby You won't want to pass this up... I agree we all have our stories all I can say for myself I was nervous too but I have thanked my two 8th grade buddies for introducting me to the pleasures of being sucked and sucking COCKS.

Not so much anymore, they aren't what they once were. My lips, my tongue are for licking balls, sucking cock, and eating ass. My nipples are wired to my genitals and should be pulled, pinched and rolled to make me cum. Talk, hold hands, cuddle, suck cocks, or just hold a cock would be nice.

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