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You can buy kefir online or pick up a variety of brands from your local supermarket.

But increasing numbers of devotees, like me, make their own.

It’s recommended by celebrity personal trainers; kefir products are sold on Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop website and science journalist Dr Michael Mosley has described it as ‘yoghurt on steroids’.

Meanwhile, Shann Jones, a former journalist and radio chat show host, claims a mixture of kefir and essential oils helped clear her husband of MRSA in just three weeks.

The liquid needs partial cover, something like muslin cloth, while it ferments. It is important to measure the p H value of kefir to ensure it’s below 4.5 (the level below which many harmful bacteria cannot survive) using a pen-type p H meter, which you can buy online.Fuelled by enthusiasm, they started their business, Chuckling Goat, in south-west Wales in 2014, selling goat’s milk kefir and kefir-based skin products.Shann says: ‘It’s not about wiping out all the bad bacteria — we’ve tried that with antibiotics — but taking on board enough good ones to maintain a balance.’ Shann is firm with her customers when they ask for a taster of kefir: ‘I tell them “no! ’ But such are the success stories that people beat a path to her door.The end result is a natural probiotic, meaning it is packed with ‘friendly’ bacteria and yeasts.It nourishes your digestive system, which, in turn, is great for your skin; it is loaded with minerals; it reduces bloating — and it makes you feel wonderful.

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