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In March, Alan was granted a transfer to Manchester and bought a flat at 41 Ashdale Road for him and Jenny. Six months later, Alan was made redundant and soon after went working in Dubai for three months, with Jenny moving back in with Rita.By now, Alan and Rita were dating, reinforcing the mother-daughter relationship which Jenny and Rita shared.After completing his contract in Dubai, Alan accepted Rita's invitation to move in with her, which delighted Jenny.Jenny, meanwhile, hoped to carry on seeing Martin but the car crash had scared him off and at Jenny's sixteenth birthday party held at the Builder's Yard he snubbed Jenny for Edwina Turner.Jenny's closest friends in Coronation Street were Kevin and Sally Webster and Martin Platt.

Jenny lived most of her teenage years in Coronation Street under Alan and Rita's watchful eyes, giving them no end of trouble with her wayward behaviour.

When Alan completed a prison sentence for swindling and assaulting Rita, Jenny supported him and blamed Rita when he died after being hit by a tram in Blackpool.

In 1989, she started studying Environmental Studies at Manchester Polytechnic but in 1990 she was thrown off the course and early the following year she left Weatherfield to live with a married man, Robert Weston.

Rita obliged, and Jenny, preferring anywhere to the home, moved into 7 Coronation Street.

Alan was found living near Leeds and came over to see Jenny, arriving on the day of Pat's funeral.

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She grew up in Weatherfield as the only child of Alan and Pat Bradley.

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