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The endorsement of legislation advancing in the US Senate marks a sharp departure for Oracle from most of the technology industry, which vigorously opposes the bill on grounds it would thwart digital innovation and lead to endless litigation."Your legislation does not, as suggested by the bill's opponents, usher the end of the internet," Kenneth Glueck, Oracle senior vice president, wrote in a letter to Republican senator Rob Portman and Democratic senator Richard Blumenthal, chief architects of the proposal.

"If enacted, it will establish some measure of accountability for those that cynically sell advertising but are unprepared to help curtail sex trafficking," Glueck said.

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We’re talking former classmates, colleagues and even family.

Once you get over the awkwardness of swiping past your 16 year old cousin, it’s pretty easy to suss out the potentials from the rest. The first (who I actually shared a mutual friend with) was a disaster.

When not writing, she's either on the hunt for the best new cocktails, on a hike or enjoying a sinful bowl of truffle fries (and working them off at XYZ).

Cloud services company Oracle on Thursday backed a bipartisan proposal in the United States Congress that would make it easier to penalise operators of websites that facilitate online sex trafficking.

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  1. A lot of you come to me saying, “I don’t have any potential women in my life.” When I ask about your methods, I often learn that you HAVE opportunities, you just don’t capitalize on them! Or, you’re just plain oblivious to the “green lights” you’re getting from women.