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Unbelievably, Mike removed his clothes as I stood watching as he said he needed a shower before he took a nap.

At first, his penis was at parade dress, but by the time he had his slacks on a hanger and his underwear in the hamper, he was rock hard.

Neither Al nor James was there when we arrived and he showed me the messy apartment including three unmade beds and wet towels strewed all around the large bathroom.

I hadn't thought about sharing a bathroom with three guys, but I assumed we could make it work out if there weren't any last-second emergencies.

I didn't respond, but I realized if I didn't sleep with Mike I wasn't going to get much sleep unless I could talk them into hot bunking as they did on little naval ships with too few beds.

He asked me where I planned to go, and I felt the tears flowing as I gasped for air and couldn't respond verbally, so I just shrugged my shoulders and shook my head in despair.We had been together for nearly six months when he decided he had enough and left me waiting for his car to stop to pick me up, and head to another casino.I wondered how long I should wait, but I knew he wouldn't return.Soon after I started to head for the sidewalk one of the casino players saw me, and he asked me if that wasn't my husband he saw leaving the parking garage in a new white Cadillac SUV.I knew my eyes must have been full of tears when I replied Rod said he'd pick me up nearly an hour ago, but that I was sure I'd never seen him again.

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Rob had a bad night at the tables as he lost hand after hand as he continued to play for higher stakes until finally cashed in the few chips he had left and I followed him to our room.

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