Access denied when updating drivers

Than I installed desired state: windows 2016 core which is, I must say, working like a charm on 8 years old IBM server (who is not even on microsoft HCL for server 2012).

But on this 1 year old FS server, I am having problems with drivers.first question: is there any way I can tell windows to automatically try to find drivers for all devices (ofcourse after I establish network connection) so I don’t have to click on each device? Since I can’t open device manager from remote server, I have managed to see uninstalled devices through Dev Man View and ofcourse, there is the same number of those devices as there is on GUI.third question: is there a way to use device manager from remote server?

Thing that bothers me is that in GUI it can be done simply by right-click on device and It has a reason why you can’t install drivers remotely with the GUI.

Drivers need to be downloaded on the remote machine, then the driver setup program has to be executed remotely, installation messages and configuration options have to displayed, the server wants your permission to reboot etc.

Check the following links question: how can I do that on core?

You can manually install drivers on Windows Server core with Pnputil.

Check the following link (section 1.3) let us know about your experience here.

Thank you, Karim What exactly do you mean by Try configuring windows?

I still receive the same error shown in screenshot from my previous post, I suppose it is because that setting was meant for windows 2008 core. In Windows Server 2016 , you can still enable and disable automatic driver download in Devices and Printers. As far I as I know, you can use Device Manager remotely only in read-only mode.

Check the following link, Installing Drivers on Windows Server Corethird question: is there a way to use device manager from remote server?

Yes, you can use access the device manager of your core server from other computers MMC snap-in.

However, as mentioned above, even on a server with GUI, you should not use Device Manager to install drivers because this way you only get the drivers from Microsoft.

The drivers you get from the server manufacturer are usually more sophisticated and are the ones you should use for your sever.

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