100 free personal home cams

There's a free 14-day trial before you have to start paying. The minimum clip length is 8 seconds and begins when motion is detected.

It's frustrating that BT broadband customers don't get discounted or free cloud storage. Unlike the Nest, your subscription does not include continuous recording.

This costs £6.99 per month and automatically records video clips when motion is detected.

They're stored for 14 days and deleted after that, but you can download and save any you like for safekeeping via the web portal (not your phone).

This works well and it prevents needless alerts when your cat walks across the room.

Plus, they’re weatherproof and operate reliably in temperatures ranging from 14˚ to 122˚ Fahrenheit.

Perfect, Wire-Free Coverage These lightweight cameras fit in the palm of your hand, and since they’re wire-free you can place them anywhere.

Their adjustable mounts are easy to install, and allow you to refine camera position for optimal indoor, outdoor, wall and ceiling surveillance.

It's more like Y-cam's system where only the motion is recorded.

But this means the clip may end before you would have liked, and some motion may be missed entirely.

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